We are a boutique rental house specializing primarily in Optics. We are passionate about filmmaking and the nuanced design that goes into visual storytelling through a lens.

BECiNE is here to support filmmakers tell their stories with the best tools available in a space that is familiar and accomodating to our customers needs. Our goal is to provide competitive prices while maintaining high quality gear and offering excellent customer service + childcare upon request.


BECiNE was founded by cinematographer Bianca Halpern who has over ten years of experience working in the film/tv industry.

BECINE    is  Woman   Owned &  Operated.

meet the team

owner & cinematographer

Bianca began her career as a cinematographer in Los Angeles, after obtaining an MFA in Cinematography. After graduating she returned to her hometown, São Paulo where she shot continuously in the industry. In 2016, Bianca returned to LA to open BECiNE, the first all-female run camera rental house offering clients childcare for prep days. Bianca is committed to facilitating a balance in family and filmmaking for wo/men.

brand/marketing consultant

Gillian is a creative consultant for the film and fashion community with over 8 years of experience as a retailer, head buyer, and e-commerce director alongside an M.F.A in film directing. Gillian uses a synergistic way of seeing, feeling and thinking in order to create visually impactful customer experiences and clear intention of strategies for her clients and their brands.

rental manager

Amanda is a California native. She developed a passion for camera and lighting during her travels across the US and abroad, which lead her to study filmmaking and work in the industry. She’s a badass young woman with a knack for lighting, who enjoys being behind the camera when she can, watching Sunday football with friends and since working at BECiNE, most things Brazilian.

Prep Tech

(pronounced Ah – lee – nee) grew up in Brazil where she discovered her passion for storytelling and studied communications in college. In 2000, Aline started freelancing as a steadicam operator and in 2015 she fell in love and moved to the US! Aline brings her bright, upbeat persona to life at BECiNE, makes great espresso and continues to improve her “lens geek skills” as our Lens Tech in training.

prep tech

Christian is a Mexico City native who has been living and working in the US for most of her life. From an early age she developed a strong interest in the Arts and Psychology, which ultimately lead to her becoming an independent filmmaker. When she is not in the gear room or on the prep floor at BECiNE, Christian continues to pursue her passion of directing.