ANGÉNiEUX EZ 1 30-90mm

This Angenieux lens offers image excellence combined with flexibility for ENG-style Productions.
The EZ Series was created to fill the wide gap between basic still photography zooms, and the highly acclaimed Optimo Style family of lenses used in the motion pictures industry.
The rear lens group may be changed to make this lens Full Frame / Vista Vision Format ready, covering up to 46mm image diagonal.   Focal length changes to: 45-135mm with an Aperture of f2.8 – T3, and image coverage up to 46mm diagonal.


  • FOCAL LENGTH : 30-90 mm
  • APERTURE : f/1.9 - T2
  • CLOSE FOCUS : 2ft – 0.6 m
  • IMAGE COVERAGE : Up to 30 mm
  • WEIGHT (APPROX.) : 4.7lb
  • LENGTH : 226 mm
  • FRONT DIAMETER : 114 mm