ARRi S-60C Sky Panel

The highly coveted Arri SkyPanel S60 puts out a tremendous amount of light, in a soft and uniform beam field.  Brighter than a 2 kW tungsten soft light or a 6 kW tungsten space light, the SkyPanel has more than enough light for most applications.  At the same time, the lamphead is able to perform beautifully at lower light levels. This range of illumination and color gives users an unprecedented amount of control. The S60 features a light aperture of 645 x 300 mm and accommodating the vast majority of applications.


  • Manual Yoke
  • Panel Surface Area: 25.4 x 11.8"
  • 115° Beam Spread, Rail Mount Adapter
  • Color Temperature from 2,800-10,000K
  • Full Gamut Color Mixing
  • Hue and Saturation Control
  • Full Minus to Full Plusgreen
  • 0-100% Dimming, DMX Control
  • CRI: 95, TLCI: 90
  • Multi-Voltage AC, Optional Battery Power